Today I vaped Carnival Apple 18 mg PG ALL DAY LONG.  Before I even tried it I was expecting a light candy type of flavor.  No, no, no my friends!  This may sound like a light and sweet little treat of a vape, but dont let the name fool you.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it to be a very heavy and complicated flavor.  Yes, I said, “complicated’.  My tentative 1st puff of this juice was very enlightening.  At first all you taste is the Caramel because that is what you are EXPECTING to taste, then all of a sudden, BAM…APPLE!!!  Actual Granny Smith type apple.  It sneaks out of no where and makes you take notice.  Not in an overtaking kind of way, but in a ,”hey ! Dont forget Im here” manner.  I found that the shorter the pull on your PV, the more pronounced the Caramel flavor is.  If you take a long, slow drag, you will get more of the apple.

As the day progressed, I found that if I vaped more heavily, more actual ‘puffs’ in a shorter amount of time, you almost get an ‘apple smoked’ kind of vapor out of it.  Like the apple wood used in Bar-b-Qs’.  Speaking of vape.  I was using my 510 (with a manual battery) with this juice all day long.  While it does produce a decent amount of Vape, there wasnt any huge cloud like effects.

The throat hit is decent, its there but you dont choke on it, no pins and needles feeling in the back of the throat.  All-in-all I wasnt opposed to vaping it all day long.  I didnt get tired of it and do the ,” I wish I brought another flavor with me eye roll” .  I think if you like caramel apples, Carnival Apple from LiquidXpress just might be for you!