he Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer is an improvement on Vapir’s previous model ‘The Oxygen Mini’. Like the more popular iolite Portable Vaporizer, the Vapir No2 uses smoke free technology to heat up your substance creating a smooth, safe vapor. As mentioned in our previous reviews, the advantages of vaporizing your substance far outweigh the traditional alternative of smoking it, which in time will save you money and potentially your health in the long term.

The Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer has a unique competitive advantage with its functional LCD display which allows you to customize your own personal temperature. We were actually surprised by how well this unit performed compared to its horribly reviewed predecessor the Oxygen Mini.

Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer PROS

The Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer is very easy to clean
• Cool little feature called ‘Temperature Recall’, which remembers the last temperature you used it at.
• Extremely quick heat up time, reports are anywhere from 70-90 seconds to become fully functional
• Auto shut-off after 20 minutes of idleness
• Internal rechargeable battery
• Very Quiet compared to other portable vaporizer
• 1 year warranty from Vapir

Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer CONS

• The Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer  isn’t as portable compared to other vaporizers in its class
• Temperature fluctuates slightly after each hit
• Vapirs reputation for having less than stellar products
• Users have claimed that the battery does get weaker over time and requires charging more often.

Reviews for the Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer

Most users of the Vapir No2 Portable Vaporizer do seem to enjoy the product and claim it does everything they expected it to do. However the reports we continue to hear about the battery starting to drain rapidly after a few weeks of use does worry us. While the Vapir No2 does perform a lot better than the any normal vaporizer in the market  is still the best value in terms of functionality and price. However don’t take our word for it, here’s the real opinions from real users:

Easy of Use