Have you heard about the electronic cigarette yet? Well, most people have but there are more people out there that have no clue what the electronic cigarette is or better yet, what it does. If you haven’t heard about the electronic cigarette yet, I am going to give you some reasons why the electronic cigarette is becoming the alternative smoking device of the future.
People who have been long time smokers know the risks of smoking tobacco cigarettes and probably have tried to quit a couple of times in the past but started right back to smoking tobacco cigarettes because the nicotine cravings were too overwhelming. This is where the electronic cigarette comes into help. Now, when people use the electronic cigarette they can get their nicotine cravings but without the negatives of smoking tobacco cigarettes.


The electronic cigarette is just like an ordinary tobacco cigarette but it doesn’t have tar, carbon monoxide, carcinogens or even smoke for that matter. How is this possible? When you puff on the electronic cigarette, the battery sends an electric charge to an atomizer located in a liquid nicotine cartridge. The atomizer then heats up the liquid nicotine and then atomizes it into a cloud of water vapor and that is what you inhale, not smoke. Since there is no smoke, there is no worry about harmful chemicals and second hand smoke as well.
These are just some of the advantages of smoking the electronic cigarette and I can’t wait to see how many more advantages ex-smokers find later on down the road. Since the popularity of these electronic cigarettes keeps on growing, I wonder what is going to happen to the tobacco industry if people keep switching to the electronic cigarette. Maybe that is the reason why the electronic cigarette is the smoking alternative of the future.

Electric Cigarette

Recently, I am sure you have heard from radio advertisements or even television commercials that people are trying to stop smoking but can’t. They also show people that are willing to quit but just can’t find something that will help cure their nicotine addiction. There are some new gadgets that can help you stay away from tobacco cigarettes and help you become tobacco free.
The electric cigarette is gaining huge popularity here in the states and has been on fire in the United Kingdom for some time now. What is the electronic cigarette and how does it work? Well, the electric cigarette looks, tastes, and feels just like a real cigarette but it really is very different. The electric cigarette comes with 2 pieces, a battery and a liquid nicotine cartridge with a built in atomizer.

When a smoker puffs on the electric cigarette, the battery sends an electrical charge to the atomizer which then atomizes the liquid nicotine into nicotine water vapor (NOT SMOKE). That’s right, you are inhaling water vapor not smoke with over 4,000 chemicals and carcinogens in it.
This is the main reason why the electric cigarettes are becoming so popular because people can still get the nicotine hit without having to light up a cancer stick. Not only that, smokers can basically smoke any where they choose without having to worry about people complaining about second hand smoke or the terrible smell of cigarette smoke because there is absolutely no smell. The electric cigarette is becoming very popular here in the United States and will becoming even more popular in the years to come.

E Cigarettes

As many of us have heard, these new e-cigarettes are becoming so popular that long time smokers are now giving into the temptation of getting away from tobacco cigarettes and choosing to try out the e-cigarette to help them live a better life without the harmful effects of tobacco. Why are these e-cigarettes becoming so popular? Below are a couple benefits to using the electronic cigarette.

E-Cigarette Cost

For one thing, the cost to smoke an e-cigarette is about 50% less than what it would cost you when you smoke tobacco cigarettes. The reason why is because these e-cigarettes use electronic cigarette refills that can be replaced when the liquid nicotine in the cartridge is exhausted. These refills come in packs of 5 and cost about $15.00 per pack and are equal to a carton of tobacco cigarettes (10 packs). Now think about this. How much does a carton of cigarettes cost with the new tobacco tax increase? They cost about $50.00 to $60.00 right?

E-Cigarette Health

In case you didn’t know, tobacco cigarettes take the lives of 500,000 smokers a year due to the 4,000 chemicals, poisons and the carcinogens that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes. The electronic cigarette doesn’t have any smoke in them and give off nicotine water vapor, not smoke. This is a huge benefit not only for the health reasons but also you can smoke basically anywhere and never have to worry about handing down second hand smoke to your family and friends or other people that are around you.

There are many other advantages to using these e-cigarettes and as time goes on you will see why smokers are turning towards the e-cigarettes to help them shy away from tobacco cigarettes. Cigarette smoking is a bad habit but using these e-cigarettes are giving smokers a brighter future.